Dear April, Excited Already

Here is my April post and guess what?

April has the A to Z challenge and April has CampNaNoWriMo. Can it get any better? Jumping to my monthly resolution plan right away!

For the Love of Reading and Writing

4.1 Read and complete 4 novels as a part of Goodreads challenge

4.2 Work on novel for 30 hours – CampNaNoWriMo

4.3 A to Z Challenge on Blog

4.4 A to Z Challenge on Instagram (prakash.hegade)

4.5 Write 26 general blog posts (Its PH)

4.6 Write 5 technical blog posts (PH Bytes)

4.7 Write 26 short poems on Instagram (prakash.hegade)

4.8. Complete and publish the ebook – Bit Codes

4.9 Continue – Symphony of Words


4.10 Design and submit the draft of three work proposals.

4.11 Complete two MOOC courses on Qualitative and Quantitative research methods

4.12 Read 25 research papers

4.13 Write 50 pages of the thesis

4.14 Work on Knit Algorithm components for at least 10 hours

4.15 Submit two research paper


4.16 Exercise for alteast 24 days

4.17 Watch 3 movies

4.18 Complete ‘This is Us’ Season 3

4.19 Live the real/raw at ph_logs

4.20 Suprise Yourself

4.21 Celebrate more, Live more

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