It’s April of 2022 and Day 26 of the A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing the theme – “Wordy Wonders.” I am selecting words that have deeper and graceful meanings, from across the globe and an eight-line poem along.

Day 26 – Zephyr

Origin: Old English

Meaning: a gentle breeze.


Stood over the gates,
Held the chains,
Climbed the rocks,
Slid the roughs,
And then, 
In love,
Disappeared me away.

Every journey, tough or not, must accompany love.

Word Pronunciation: ZEH-fuh

8 thoughts on “Zephyr

  1. Kudos for acomplishing the A-Z challenge! It was pleasure reading your works. Thank you for educating us with an assorted bunch of words. 🥳😇

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