The Free Run

They say it’s the ‘run’. They also say, ‘run for your passion. Do not follow someone’s path because they were successful in it. The only mantra is dedication. Don’t let your mind freely wander just anywhere. Be it in the field of your choice’.

Can you believe that there is a theory for everything? There is example and counter example for every case. Internet can endow with an image of any kind we want. There have been few people who have been an embarrassment to the society. There have been people who have been mocked worldwide. Where is this free run leading to? Is it been too much of freeness and now needs a fence? The freedom of speech has been exploited in a lot broader sense and with that freeness cometh the distrust.

‘There is no free lunch’. I love this quote so much. Everything has to be earned. Happiness is earned. Sorrows are earned too. Dedication earns success. Ignorance earns failure. If something is bringing a lot of free coupons then, hey, watch out. No mail can give us million dollars. Clicking a link won’t give us discounts. Sharing a post does not change color to golden. Where the utilization of education is if we still don’t believe that there is ‘no free lunch’? Or it is a clear indication of one’s common sense being sucked out forever.

As we start keeping a baby step in a field and even if we smell a little success, suddenly we have an opinion on every other thing. We make it public as well by posting on social networking sites, like as if it matters and then there are people showering emotions on it. This is sure not good for society and god’s sake. Like for example, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a doctor, politician or scientists to write a movie review in public unless asked. Do you agree with me?

Look at everything a free mind can do. It can make one say, “These are purely my opinions and no offence, but that song is bad”.  A free run can make a director and his movie crew to get into very cheap publicity stunts.

It was said it’s going to be a very healthy discussion. Everyone is going to talk about the issue and put forth the opinions in a very health manner. The reports said things were in control. Only that the judge was found murdered the very next day.

The world is beautiful. It is so beautiful that it makes you pay for your mistakes in no time. The louder one mocks, the faster the karma gets the deserving treat. That karma is sure a five letter word! (You know what I mean, right?)

Isn’t life so much exciting when we follow a sport? That adrenaline rush we go through when our support plays is priceless. That little cries when lost and bundle of happiness when the game was won is a treasured moment of life. That is an exciting free run of carefree mind.

 I remember how in school days sometimes, the morning sessions used to be so long that by afternoon, we used to feel it was time to go home. Only on opening the lunch box we used to realize that lunch break is not over yet. Then with amaze we used to tell everyone around and they with surprise used to open their lunch box and confirm that we really had a long day. It was the days where the time was known only through the bell ring.  One having a hand watch was like a celebrity. Mind and body used to be excited even for smaller things. It is these kinds of things which a free mind should actually bring.

From: The Run – Secret Destination


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