When You Do-Dont

I saw this beautiful painting done by Praful Managoli and felt to pen down some thoughts for it. Praful was kind enough to allow me to use this on my blog. Many thanks for the painting and providing this wonderful piece.


Painting by Praful Managoli

When you walk,
You make a lane,
When you don’t,
Bushes insane!

When you see,
Nature dynamite,
When you don’t,
Sky infinite!

When you believe,
Life lives,
When you don’t,
Life leaves!

When you love,
Alone clones,
When u don’t,
Messy cyclone!

Note: Praful is a software engineer by profession and no questions on his paintings!

52 thoughts on “When You Do-Dont

  1. Lovely painting and I will insist you to pass this appreciation to Praful. I loved your poem a lot. It is all about what we can do at the given moment. If we want we can change the course of our life the very moment we decide.

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  2. How do I put it! I just read a beautiful painting? Or I just saw a wonderfully crafted poem?
    Neither of them would look this great without each other. Amazing job on picking up this painting sir 🙂 And senior,I had heard one of Picasso’s genes just flew by and were you the lucky one!

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