The Table of Merits

“I am mess. So will be my table. My plate. My eat. My see. ”

How cluttered is your work table?
That is where the happiness is. In the mess. We need worries coming from many ends of the table to keep our self productive. How much of those clutters smile? How many stories those clutters hold? Does it have the laughs and cries?

An organized table is an organized table. A cluttered table is a creative chaos. Whenever I organize my study table, I really don’t know how and when, in a shot span of time, the table gets cluttered itself. “Is it some messy ghost?” Sometimes I wonder. Then I feel may be it just works that way.

An organized table is an organized table. A cluttered table is a search-me puzzle. Amongst all misplace and disorganization, I exactly know where to search for the missing. That is the best part of a cluttered table. When I feel I have lost it, I get a new one. New is happiness.

An organized table is an organized table. A cluttered table is an identity. I don’t believe in showing off clean when I am really not. When things shine and some catch dust, which is who I am. I have my favorites and they change from time to time. I know when to clean my thing!

An organized table is an organized table. A cluttered table is a space for invention. Ahhh, I see a void. Don’t you?

A table should invoke some inventive voids. It should allow one to think beyond the table. It should allow one to dream. Clutter or organized are just some medium. Just because I favor clutter and speak about it, it does not mean it will work for all. We need to go with what works the best in us.

Oh, you don’t have a table? You got a bed? Happy sleeping!

Note: This is a chapter from the ebook The Void. The book can be downloaded HERE.

The void - lr


32 thoughts on “The Table of Merits

  1. Haha! Prakash your post brought a smile to my face. My table is very organized and my daughter though is an organised person by nature, her table is always a chaos. Her arguments for the chaos echo yours in total. I am sure she will be mighty thrilled to read your post 😁👍

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  2. That’s a post that I feel has been the best out of the recent ones till now, from you.

    The way I see it nature loves chaos and randomness. You see, it is all about entropy at the end.

    The more you organize your space, the more chaos the universe brings to the system to have a balance.

    Entropy is that ghost and it laughs at us with hideousness. Great one Prakash, your book would bring an honor to my reading shelf once it releas.

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    • I have felt that as well. I have felt the quality of posts is directly effected by the workloads. He he.. 😀

      Thank you so much. I was a lot smiles for the compliments. Its sure is entropy. The play of the disorder. 🙂

      While I still wait to hear from the publishers about my novel, this one, where I have picked the chapter from is available for download at:


  3. This is so great, PH–I especially love the messy ghost, that explains everything now!! I have areas that are tidier than others–my cooking space is organized because it has to be; but most of my “living” space and writing space would be described as creative chaos–and quite comfortable 🙂

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  4. ya know..whenever I feel a bit down I just fly on over to your blog and always find something that makes me happy or just feel better. Shared your book to google and facebook!

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  5. You’re right. We all need to go with what works the best for us. I’m comparatively the most organized person in my family (emphasis on the comparatively 😂) but there are times when I let it get messy and messier until I can’t resist myself from cleaning up the mess. But as long as we can find our way through the mess, it doesn’t really matter. This is a great post! 🙂

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