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Its April of 2017 and Day 25Β of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: Yellow Press

Meaning: a term for the popular and sensationalist newspapers

Breaking bad,
Is the breaking news,
Shockingly sad,
Is the media rules,
The aim was, may be,
A yellow Press.
But now is all,
A shitty yellow!

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.


36 thoughts on “Yellow Press

  1. I have worked for a leading English daily for ten years and it’s something I have always been very proud of…But in the last few years, media has really downgraded so much…The last sentence of the poem aptly sums it up.

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  2. Idiom: You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

    Meaning: It is impossible to achieve anything important without causing a few problems.

    You whack at something
    And ceaselessly get hit out against it
    With a plethora of nags
    Press on unflagging
    For you can’t make an omelette
    Without breaking eggs.

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