Rule of Thumb

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Its April of 2017 and Day 18 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: Rule of Thumb

Meaning: broadly accurate guide or principle, based on practice rather than theory

Between he and she,
Amid the fights,
Wrongs and the rights,
Amid the joys,
Hops and the cries,
In a successful marriage,
Rule of thumb is,
Fingers are uneven.

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.

55 thoughts on “Rule of Thumb

  1. Very nicely done, PH–and by the way, I found a little article on idioms today, which points out the fallacies within a number of them. It’s in a magazine (not read online), but if there’s a link, and you’re interested–I’ll find it for you.

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  2. I was unable to get a link for the Reader’s Digest magazine article I read, re idioms (May 2017). The title is “Six Idiotic Idioms–and What’s Wrong with Them”, by Brandon Spector. Maybe you’ll have better luck finding it 🙂

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