The Life Marathon

It all starts with being peppy. It then leaves the Impact. We then navigate feeling Fantastico with a music aloud in the heart.  Why does this happen? What a muddle we live in! May be it was designed to be in that way! The below following way!


Let us start with peppy.  That is how most of us are. Perky and frisky and what not! Every now and then life gives us the new challenge. We struggle, strive, cross the hurdles, make some new contacts, live those moments and move on! We age along the journey and what we have is the impact!


Impact? Yes. Everything we cross across lives us an impact. The timeline which we move on has all those inevitable impacts. In whatever be it, they just get along associated with us. Good ones boost us and promote and bad ones as well boost us, may be more and make us stronger day by day. Well, did you have Fantastico moments? They matter!


Between and amidst all these, there are moments which are meant for us. Those moments which we tend to remember throughout our life. Just like our birthdays. Special achievements, Tie a knot, relive childhood with baby etc such which we term as Fantastico! They are the ones where we rejoice. They are the ones where we get to see the crazy side of ourselves.  Well, they all have navigation.


What have we done? We have given out navigation to our future generations. The inventions and discoveries to make a better tomorrow, standing out loud, reaching out millions and welcoming a new generation with latest tools and technologies. Research and development has led work finding a new way. There is a direction for every thought. And every thought turns to reality. Did you listen to the music?


All of us have stories of our lives. Whether we write or not, whether there is a movie made based on it or not, there is always a lesson. With proper pick of words, it’s a pleasant music. It’s a journey of music which we have danced for. It’s a music which was being played throughout our journey. The noises, disturbances, talks, shouts, smiles, cries, yes, many other tones and ragas of life.

The Life Marathon!

Our life journey has also influenced what we use in our daily lives. They all come with one or more of Fantastico, Impact, Peppy, Music and Navigation. Isn’t it beautiful? Somehow the way we live also influences what we use and what we use drives the way we live. Essentially, it’s all a cycle. A cycle which elevates the changes in every round it takes.

Are you ready to experience, live and thrive in this crazy world of awesomeness? Do you hear that silent, noisy, rhythmic, musical, calling-for-dance music?

Well, it’s rightly said that ‘Life is beautiful!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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