The Wonderful SHE

This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 10 May 2015. The task is to write a short story for the supplied photograph.


She was done with daily chores of cleaning, cooking, washing and other stuff and was waiting for her kids to be back. She was about to sit and switch on the TV and her kids rushed back home with excitement. She prepared snacks and tea, asked about their day at school and checked their diary for home work. She asked them to go and play for a while and return back before sunset. She called her husband asking about his work and reminded him to pick up a gift for his sister’s wedding anniversary. The evening seemed calm and pleasant as she stepped out of her home.

She started talking slow steps in her garden. The Mother Nature looked at her, smiled and slowly generated a rainbow. She had her heart filled out looking at the rainbow and kept staring at it. Mother Nature whispered,

“You make every one’s life beautiful. Here is a beautiful evening for you. A very happy Mother’s day! ”

This post is also dedicated to all loving Mother’s on Mother’s day. (Second Sunday of May 2015)

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