5 Years of Blogging


And following is the blog summary:


This year has been slow like last year. But, the good part is that I have not given up on writing. Managing 3 jobs (1 full time and 2 part time) and writing has been a challenge from past 1 year. But, writing is what keeps me sane.

I hope to get better and regain back my writing frequency with time.

My heartfelt thanks to every blogger and friends for keeping up the support. It truly means a lot to me. It would have never been possible without all the love!

P.S. I have also been writing short poems on Instagram at prakash.hegade.

Blog Anniversary – The First

wp Its been an year on WordPress! Exactly an year ago, I had published my first post. Now with an year passing by,


I cherish back the smiles you all have given me here! It’s been such a wonderful journey. Well, yes, there are some numbers and stats that I am sure happy about, but there some things which are beyond measure. The wonderful people I have met here and the awesome posts I have read. It’s such a honor and pleasure! Thank you all friends for being so very supportive! This means a lot.

Well, This journey is been so wonderful! Apart from 138 posts, managed to complete three courses form Blogging U : Blogging 101, Blogging 201 and Writing 201: Poetry.

Got my first novel completed with 50 episodes called Today Calls Tomorrow and started a horror sequel to it called The Ghost Who Travelled With Me. Also started  a short story series called That’s How I Tell My Story.

Got a small portfolio ready on Ageing, Society and We  and many Awards nominated by lovely fellow bloggers. Well, One cannot ask for Better and More! Thank you so much everyone for all the support.