8th Anniversary

WordPress reminds me that its my 8th anniversary today! I remember starting the blog as an escape from research hectic schedules in 2014. I have come a long way since then and now, this is sure my happy place. I can see my stats – 725 posts, 103 pages and 15,210 comments. And also 133,073 hits. I know its not bad.

Celebrations! To writing and happiness! and also I want to commit that I will write more. I will try my best, surely.

13 thoughts on “8th Anniversary

  1. Hi .. I think I first bumped into you in Writing 101 or Photrabloggers Mundane Monday? Wow you have been committed — All congrats .. 725 posts .. great going 👏👏. I have only around 120 or so .. gave up for some time and found WP had changed a whole lot so switched off again till I could find time to unravel new look. and did not come back. But I felt nostalgic about 3 days ago and decided to return …just in time to Wish you all the very very best for the next 8 years and post. 🤩🤩Keep it up and hopefully bump into you in cyberspace ☺

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    • Hello! it must be writing 101.

      I have had my on-off months. Have been doing few challenges over years and coming back feels good. I miss my old community.

      I had hard time with the WP change as well and now used to it.

      Thank you so much. Means a lot to me. 😀 I hope you write more and write soon. 😀


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