0s and 1s of 2021

2021 has been a satisfying year. While the beginning seemed a little blurry as 2020 had its flavors sprinkled all over, 2021 was way better. Here are the key highlights of the year:

Key Highlights

The Travel Stats

My travel times have definitely reduced this year, but not disappointing as well. The stats are as of November 2021.

I was part of an Anthology and it was literally sent to the moon! I was on cloud nine! It’s called – Chandrayarn.

ebook – available on amazon

I managed to complete reading 5 books and really hope to improve it in 2022.

Goodreads – books read

I as well did the August Movie challenge and here is the list:

Set – 01
Set – 02
Set – 03
Set – 04

I did host 10 audio sessions, later half of the year, 1 hour each, fridays, on the ClubHouse App. The talk was themed on Live It Out. It was a good experience to talk for an hour on life and whereabouts. The sessions usually had around 20 to 30 listening.

A session poster

There have been few others as well, like officially starting my research journey, workshops, etc. I will keep them in summary points.

Task Set 01: Writing

1.1 Write at least 100 blog posts (around 8 per month) on itsphblogI managed to write 62
1.2 Post 50 technical blog posts on itsphbytesthe count is 0
1.3 Take up A to Z Challenge in April with a theme – completed with happiness and two themes
1.4 Participate in NaNo-Camps in April and July – check
1.5 Continue working as ML for NaNoWriMo 2021 – done
1.6 Post 35 short poems on Instagram – did 59

Task Set 02: Reading

2.1 Take up Goodreads challenge and read 20 novels – managed to complete 5
2.2 Read 60 articles on web – I lost track this. I need to be organized

Task Set 03: Publishing

3.1 Publish the novel – The Art of Ageing Gracefully – yet in editing
3.2 Publish the ebook – Between Blue and Blue – could not touch
3.3 Near publish edit the book – Things in Nothing – could not touch
3.4 Publish at least five ebooks through Smashwordsmanaged to publish 1

Task Set 04: Research

4.1 Read atleast 50 meaningful research papers and log the summary – Was not organized in keeping count. my guess is I did around 30
4.2 Publish 6 research papers from various domains (conference + Journal) – published
4.3 Build 6 new models for Knit Algorithm – 3 are in better status

Task Set 05: Profession (Academics)

5.1 Look out for a new/similar career on high priority basis – 2021 was sure not favourbale in this regard
5.2 Improve coding profile – had minimal, nothing qunatifiable
5.3 Take up and complete 6 courses online (MOOC) – completed 1
5.4 Design and propose a new elective – proposed and rejected
5.5 Build a training module – could not
5.6 Work and aim to complete the textbook – NIL works

Task Set 06: Profession (Industry)

6.1 Provide 30 meaningful internships from Knit Arenathere were 7, but was not complete because of pandemic
6.2 Host 2 events from the company – hosted 0
6.3 Grow technically for industry (Transil and Knit) – growth was negligible
6.4 Have the first release of Knit – No release was made and I cry for this

Task Set 07: New

7.1 Conduct 3 workshops on various topics – conducted 1
7.2 Travel to two new places – Did and happy
7.3 Complete at least 3 new series/soaps – was more than 3 (Vampire Diaries, Originals, Flash, Young Sheldon, Kota Factory).
7.4 Do 31 days movies challenge – completed
7.5 Exercise and continue to stay fit and get better – happy for this
7.6 Symphony of words – NIL
7.7 Write one amazing article/post that I will be ever proud of – could not
7.8 Do 10 new things – one was session in ClubHouse. I dont have track of others. So, I consider this to be 1 only


6 thoughts on “0s and 1s of 2021

  1. […] Resolutions have been my thing. I started them officially, like with proper notes and plans in 2017, and have worked for me in favor since then. Here is what happened in 2018 and then here is how I wrapped up 2019. 2020 has been nothing less and here is how it went: 2020 Highlights. And 2021? Here they go 0s and 1s of 2021. […]


  2. Wish you a happy new year sir! 🙂

    Can you please tell me more about your clubhouse sessions? I would like to attend them too. Where can I get updates about them?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish you a happy new year sir! 🙂

    Can you please tell me more about your clubhouse sessions? I would like to attend them too. Where can I get updates about them?

    (commenting again coz the comment was posted as anonymous) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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