That ‘it’

It’s a professional personal thing. It’s a thin thread of story line that possibly happens in disguised form in every individual’s life. It’s about that smile which has won the battle and got featured on face suppressing the pain within.  It’s the silent cries that sync’s with the mid night clock ticks on weekends because life was too busy even to cry on weekdays.

It’s the soreness which was left behind for being unable to take the decision as it was unable to weigh which one had more sacrifices.  It’s telling to the little heart housed in the big body that it’s okay to cry.  It’s being part of other’s happiness while knowing that ship we own is sinking. It’s about dreams, dreams that keep one going forward. It’s the liberation of freedom and understanding it in the true sense.


It’s this one little thing. That ‘it’, is life. 

Note: I was editing my work-in-progress Novel “i 4 you” and felt like this part needs to be shared right away. That’s how this post came up!

46 thoughts on “That ‘it’

  1. Seriously it is so difficult sometimes to measure which is worth sacrificing more.A part of it is so beautiful,i am sure it’s going to be great .wish you all the success.

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