A Tasty Marriage

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This poem is written for Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste. The challenge is hosted by Rashmi and can be reached at: Mind and Life Matters.


He liked it spicy and hot,
She liked sweetness a lot,
Tasty differences,
Varied preferences,
Marriage, a blissful jackpot.

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Also tagging for the daily post prompt: Promises. Marriages carry many unsaid promises to agree and settle for all the similarities and differences! That’s how the journey of two gets tastier and delicious.

41 thoughts on “A Tasty Marriage

  1. its wonderful indeed.
    i cant understand why the married people says(at least once in a life time) marriage is a jackpot?…..
    but you have said differently….the word blissful before the jackpot reveals your happy life after marriage.

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  2. Hi! I have yet to try to write a ‘Limerick’. I find them very difficult. You did a great job with yours. Men and women are so different at times but somehow it all works in the end. Your poem is brilliant and has a beautiful flow. 😀

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  3. This is quite on point to the needs of what men and women want from each other. Men want power, women want love, marriage is an exchange of the two. Women give power to their men and in turn men love and will sacrifice to sustain them. Great post!



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