Blogaversary – The 2nd

Indian Bloggers

Yesterday night, I slept with excitement for I knew that morning would bring
this Achievement notification!


I knew WordPress would leave a message and It did! 


It’s been an exciting journey and all because of
 encouraging and supportive readers. 

Blog Stats of the journey:
Posts: 250
Pages: 95
Comments: 4,979
Page Hits: 45,362
Followers: 1,312


 ** …..THANK YOU….. **
everyone for the love and support

rejoice, says the heart,
thankful smiles on the go,
as the blog hits two.

41 thoughts on “Blogaversary – The 2nd

  1. Many congratulations! How fleetingly time flies….I think it was only matter of a few months that I wished you first blogaversary. The second one came as a surprise 😝
    Wish you many more successful blog posts and enjoyable blogging years.
    Keep blogging and rocking!

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