Never Give up – Period? Or Comma??

Well, unlike the title says, I don’t have a discussion or an argument to make. I already have a conclusion that it’s definitely a comma and not a period.  I strongly believe that ‘never give up’ is not with a full stop.

A ‘Never give up’ applies to everything. Wait, that’s not true. There are some things which we sure can give up. It’s always good to give up on something which does not bring any excitement in life. It’s so okay to give on something which does not make any intellect now, which it made earlier. Giving up all those which only holds package of pain is perfectly okay.

Never give up, on something which you really want. Give up the method, give up the process, give up on the resources and give up the intermediates which are not supporting and not in the path. May be they all seemed good back then, but if not anymore, give them up!

I am not taking about giving up the aim, but suggesting to look out for a better alternative when it’s not working out. Not the hopes, dreams, passion and love.

What I want to say is,

Never give up, unless….

Well, you know how to complete it.  Having said that and conveyed my thoughts, peace. Period.


19 thoughts on “Never Give up – Period? Or Comma??

  1. This is exactly what I was discussing with a friend Earlier today. There are some certain circumstances in which giving up is the best option. I’m glad you aired out your thoughts on this 🙂

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  2. Great one! Your third para says it all.
    Basically, first task is to identify that you definitely want it (or not). Having done that try all possible righteous methods and legal resources to reach that object/path/goal.

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  3. **applause applause**
    Oh Prakash you put it so well. Too NOT give up our passion(s) or what gives us joy…
    I refuse to ‘give up’ on myself even tho’ my family have!
    I will not give up helping with Feral Cat Rescue & having my own cat. I will not give up reading & blogging & being creative!!!
    I have ‘given up’ those who do not support me in some way. I ‘gave up’ the fair weather friends also. Maybe more of a ‘letting go’ than a ‘giving up’. 😉
    I am all right as I am. Period!!!

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  4. A lovely post Prakash. A quote that I remember in this context is “In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life – It goes On. ” As life goes on, many a times one has to let go of many things but one must hold on to his/ her dreams.

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