If you know it,

You should know it well.

If you know it well,

You should use it wise.


The know is,

Kindness has more of it,

Care has most of it,

Attention has all of it,

For ignorance, minds none.


It’s the little one.

It’s not the costly one.

It’s definitely the respect,

It’s definitely not the mock.


It will add life to your living,

It will add smile in your laugh,

It is looking for white in the gray

It comes with time and goes with time.


Remember, “Value” comes to you the way;

In the way you are ready to receive!


6 thoughts on ““Values”

  1. Beautifully written sir !!! Requires few more reads to understand what really you mean to say apart from what it seems to convey.
    Great thing to write upon 👍


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