Night Follows The Day


Like wrong people can always be,
An inspiration to do the right,
From Gray to Black,
You will find the White!

A little comes with another little,
To show what is more.
Do not count the number,
For 99 is also a score!

Be not sad, if the day is slow!
Feel not bad, if you feel the low!
For Every “Today Calls a Better Tomorrow!”
That’s it.
There you smile!

Happiness is “Completing The First Novel!”

Indeed i am happy. I started writing it for fun and today i feel so happy looking at it. The target was 20-25 happy episodes. But turned out with 50 happy-happy episodes.



“Today Calls Tomorrow: A Love Story”

My “Thank you” to everyone to supported along the way. I had started it in the beginning of November 2014 and i did write the final episode on Jan 15, 2015.

– Prakash B. Hegade