Easier to Run


Its April of 2020 and Day 05 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem. 


Metaphor: Easier to Run

‘Easier to run’ is a song from Linkin Park. I love the song in entirety. If I had to pick my favorite lines then it would be:

Sometimes I think of letting go
And never looking back
And never moving forward so
There’d never be a past

The song is about a past, which is a secret, which is hard to change, accept, and live with. A blunder that earth does not need and must be taken to grave. The bruises and scars, not easy to live with. I am sure anyone who listens to the song will have their own interpretation connecting to memories and known’s from the personal story-line. I feel the lyrics shouts out that: If possible I would have gone back, traced and corrected every step, but now, I am left all alone and only easier thing to  do is to run. It’s difficult to comprehend the song in fewer words and that’s the beauty of it. The song is not limited to one context and so do most of Linkin Park songs. I am using this song as a metaphor for all those we could run away from, but stick along.

My path is known,
I know the do’s,
Sugary glazed obstacles,
You slow me, slow kill me,
I know, its
Easier to run.
But I am there,
Strong, sticking along.

We stick and suffer, because we know there is no way out. This one is dedicated to those associates which are not easier to run away from and neither easy to run towards.  


Ignorance is Bliss

Indian Bloggers

This post is written for Three Line Tales Challenge Number 42.  It is a challenge put forth by Sonya from Only 100 Words, where we write a three line tale for the supplied image.


photo by Jace Grandinetti via Unsplash

You see those maze walls making the path narrow?

Well, they are just the illusion.

‘Ignorance is bliss’, for the way out!

Satisfaction Volunteers

Indian Bloggers

Written for the daily post prompt: Volunteer


While I take the walk,
Heading at a unknown destination,
In search of unknown,
Hate volunteered.

Hate had the ego,
Taking away the happiness,
Wicked got the mind,
Anger volunteered.

Anger had the stress,
Turned the good to ugly,
Unsatisfied was the soul,
Sadness volunteered.

While the party started,
Hate, anger and sadness rejoiced,
Darkness and the disco hall,
Depression volunteered.

All of a sudden I see the path,
I see the destination,
I understand the boundaries,
I see the disguised guests.

I volunteer love,
Welcome peace at will,
Home all the happiness,
Satisfaction volunteered.