Unmarked Grave


Its April of 2020 and Day 21 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem.


Metaphor: Unmarked Grave

Like surprisingly, there are really no metaphors with U, apart from ‘Unmarked Grave’ which means something that is not noticed or observed. I find it recursive and applies to U and itself.  An unmarked grave is one, as per its traditional meaning, a grave that lacks a marker, headstone, or nameplate. Unmarked graves have long been used to bury executed criminals as an added degree of disgrace, usually. The reason could also be financial or any other like a celebrity not opting a name to avoid vandalism. Steve Jobs is buried in an unmarked grave.

With all that history, it also has its figure of speech. It has taken the metaphor meaning of consignment to an ignominious end – to be in the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one.

It’s celebrating,
With joy and pomp,
It’s swaying,
In its entirety,
It’s living the fullest,
Is no more in,
An unmarked grave.

It’s a tricky piece of eight lines. Do not think more. It could be nonsense. But, nonsense isn’t the under nourished anymore. It healthy and wealthy.