The Asset Within

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in a word council,
with no doubt, what so ever,
‘capable’, the lord.

The Meaning
When a baby is trying to learn to pick and hold objects, at first it learns that it has to stretch the hands. Then the baby learns and starts to use its finger to grab. It understands that there is a little more to it. Then it learns to use the whole hand, all the five fingers, to grab and there it sees the success. The baby knew it was capable. That is why it kept trying with different incremental conducts until it succeeded.


The Within
Heart has an extraordinary capability to make face go red and blush when in front of loved ones. Mind has a capability to play with eyes when not so comfortable foe walks around. We know our responsibilities and for that we build ourselves some capabilities. Some have deep roots within and some are just held with a thin string. Some get us satisfaction and some, the bread and butter.

They say learning to say ‘No’ is an art. That means ‘Yes’ comes more easily. This kind of also explains the hidden capabilities. Like lot many quotes say, it’s the realization and the belief, that shines the capabilities.

Capabilities get weighed between happiness and responsibilities, often calling a  trade-off.

The Perspectives
No one gave capabilities to sun, moon or stars. A plastic was given capability to hold the water turning it into a pot structure. One can easily communicate to opposite gender and other needs extra effort. Some were under estimated and some overrated. Some use it as a means to compare and some use it to appreciate. Some give a lengthy speech and disappear and some display the results.

It’s all in the eyes, mind, heart and mostly,
The Self!

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