IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Welcome to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #10

Welcome to the last task. This one is pretty easy!
“Happiness is … ”

Complete the sentence and grow it. Keep it a maximum of five hundred words or less.

Use the following logo for the post to mention the completion of tenth challenge.


Keep a ping back to this post or leave a link to your prompt as a comment so that anyone who visits this page can also look at your prompt.

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106 thoughts on “IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

  1. […] The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge, part 10…and it is the last challenge to be done.  I am quite happy that I came far, far out of my comfort zone and completed this challenge. I am proud of the challenge responses I have written. I challenge my readers to go to It’s PH blog and do the challenge yourself. You won’t be sorry! […]

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