The Future Prospects



It has started now, now it has started,
What we are and what we can be,
Chart your plans, let plans be charted,
We can be what we are imagined to be.

Apply the learn, learn to apply,
It’s already time-out, past is to exhale,
Supply the apply, apply the Supply,
It’s already time-in, future is to inhale.

Make no predictions, predict no one,
Run is too long, long is the run,
Create all you need, right from zero,
Aye, aye, that’s the way to be the superhero.

The surprises waiting ahead in future,
Is the magnificence, inherent in nature.


Poem form: Sonnet and Device: Chiasmus. More Details of the post can be found HERE.
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Oh My Drawers

Hides the secrets deep down the facets,

           Stays balmy all long as if its mistake,

                          Oh my drawers, why no speak thou?

You have let in many, let out all,

           Artifacts have changed, like new stall,

                           Oh my drawers, why so silent thou?

You hold all that can, show no bias,

          Stay put throughout, my concerns alas,

                          Oh my drawers, why go unspoken thou?

Poem form: ode and device: apostrophe. More details can be found HERE.

The Five Fingers

Ages Ago, Long Ago, five fingers had An equality wrestle. Agreeing to disagree, no one Approved each other’s Authority. For each Argued the power and to lead the clan. With no support of each other, the power only diminished. For God watching all this made an Arrangement. The next morning each finger had its Amount, not the same Anymore. At present we see as outcome, the five fingers of not the Alike size At All.

Poem form: Prose poetry and device: assonance. More details can be found HERE.

A Ballad for Ghost

ghost stories

Scaring the people at dark nights,
Scaring the people at cold nights,
Scaring the people for all nights,
Ghosts are never seen at day sights.

Cruel, wicked, terrorizing they go,
Terrifying stories creating they go,
Uneasiness to mankind spreading they go,
Ghosts do make a super-hit night show.

Short, tall in all sizes they are,
Fast, slow, disappearing they are,
Mostly as known invisible they are,
Ghosts though near, are yet so far.


Note: This poem is written as assignment 06 for Writing201: Poetry. Poem form: Ballad and Device: anaphora and epistrophe.  More Details can be found HERE.

Fog and Away


Early i was up, lost in thoughts,
Gazing through the window.

Amidst the mist my fingers moved and painted,
Symbol of immoral on window glass.

I sit on my bed watching the fog disappear,
Washing away the symbol at gentle pace.

I guess the darkness is over; forever,
I mourn with joy!

Darkness is a fog, wait it will disappear,
Sheds light, bright and clear.

Poem Form: Elegy and Device: Metaphor.  More details can be found HERE.