The Void

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From the lights of sun,
Glows the entirety,
Presenting the days,
Glows the locality.


Prison the winds,
Prison the air,
Fools you around,
Escapes everywhere.


As the water flows,
Changes no color,
Lucid and transparent,
You own it or rent.


Housed by the soil,
Food and the bed,
The land lushes green,
Even and serene.



Under this even share,
All equal and fair,
Originates numerous lies,
Rests the dirty human game.

Field and Beacon


Written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #36

Idea: Write a haiku about “Field and Beacon”
This time i have used metaphor play. Field here refers to ones own area of interest and beacon as an alert to the one that expertise in a field will always bring a good career ahead.

beacon in the field,
red alerted the trespassers,
you might be hired now.

You are Under Arrest!

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This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 15 March 2015. The task is to write a short story for the supplied photograph.


“Water, Wind and Fire and Earth were battling to empower on each other.  The battle went on for years and there was no sign of end. It only went on and on.  Water was furious and gushed every now and then. Wind blew so hard that everything went invisible. Fire flamed with extreme vigor. Earth was revolving swift with quakes.

As the battle continued, fire was covered by earth. It formed lava and water hardened it. This is how the huge rocks were formed. Then water started gushing forming this falls. Wind keeps blowing it now and then”.

That’s the story son. Said the dad to his four-year kid who was pleading to tell story of how this falls was formed.

Son smiled, looked at falls and said loudly,

“You Are Under Arrest”

and took a photograph!

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