Look Out!

‘Like that’,
Words come with multiple meanings.

Voices come with multiple thoughts.

When the world is dark,
Shadows are white.

Look out!
What you buy and,
Really want to buy.

My, Mine, Song


I have a song,
My mind hymns it,
My heart dances it.

I don’t have a tune,
Which I can express,
But it’s there,
I can feel it,
I can label it.

The song of chaotic,
The song of breeze,
Like in rejoice,
Air breathes it.

That song, the one I have,
It is a song,
For its lyrics update,
Every single day,
The way I change.

That one song,
Which I am yet to tag,
World might name it,
The song of my life!



Written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Recycle


Task: Poem for the word recycle. The poem below en-lights on how one should keep recycling the song of life.

The poem can be read from any circle, still makes sense. Life is a basically a cycle. Our experience makes us recycle our thoughts and gives an opportunity to make our life song musical and fine tune the lyrics at every phase. Life is a recycle of one’s experience.


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