My, Mine, Song


I have a song,
My mind hymns it,
My heart dances it.

I don’t have a tune,
Which I can express,
But it’s there,
I can feel it,
I can label it.

The song of chaotic,
The song of breeze,
Like in rejoice,
Air breathes it.

That song, the one I have,
It is a song,
For its lyrics update,
Every single day,
The way I change.

That one song,
Which I am yet to tag,
World might name it,
The song of my life!



Written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Recycle


Task: Poem for the word recycle. The poem below en-lights on how one should keep recycling the song of life.

The poem can be read from any circle, still makes sense. Life is a basically a cycle. Our experience makes us recycle our thoughts and gives an opportunity to make our life song musical and fine tune the lyrics at every phase. Life is a recycle of one’s experience.


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