Its April of 2019 and Day 07 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Foreign word/phrase a day and 8 line poem for it.

Word/Phrase: gladius
Language: Latin
Meaning: (in ancient Rome) a short sword

the gladius,
came with a warning.
while the belief,
held lie.
contained rust.
had a greed.

Words and Actions can do more damage than a mighty sword.

Impatient Me

Indian Bloggers


There was no magic,
It was just a tragic,
Stumbled over a hurdle,
Then it there repeats,
Deep it then sinks,
Plans to overwrite my existence,
But hey,
I hate to see myself so,
Impatient me!

My roots have been shaken,
Body shattered,
My boots have been lost,
Legs falling apart,
But I will stand still,
Bury my roots again,
Stand like never before,
I don’t like lukewarm,
Impatient me!

Pathetic time was mine,
Body cries was nine,
Shivering over the nights,
Waiting for the bright,
My shoulders need me,
My will power calls me,
I am going to shine again,
Trust me,
I am Impatient!

Note: This poem is an extract from my work-in-progress novel where the character is looking for self motivation after a set of horrible life events. 

Love Miracle


You gave me a Hope,
To live and to fight,
To trust in miracles,
To smile with no reason,
And above all, to stay happy!

I will slap you hard,
Only to ask,
Where were you until now?
To hold you tight,
And to feel the warmth!

You added those missing colors,
That aura to feel happy about!
You added meaning to my life thereafter,
That taste to get addicted with,
You are now my happily ever after!