They Tie The Ends

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This poem is written for Limerick Challenge Week 42: HomonymsHomonym is a word that is spelt the same or sounds the same as another word but is different in meaning.

I have used two homonyms:

  • too, to and two
  • sole and soul


too far from ends,
to the never ends,
each other’s sole,
single soul,
two best friends.

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Inner Soul

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In the paths we voyage,
I just gather,
You assume we are together!

I am just like you, in you,
I walk with you,
Being you.

I am identified,
I am ignored,
I am unnamed and unstated.

I am not owned by any,
I am still here,
Surprisingly, I am still along.

I am not yours,
I won’t stick for long,
I will leave you once, unsaid.

I opt my way,
Inner soul.

I would like to Thank Dileep Naduvinamani for the inspiration to pen down this poem.