Mom’s Kid


This poem is the lyrical expression of how my mother felt and still feels for me and my wife about our son. I have tried my best to put them down. This is a dedication to the mom’s on the occasion of Mother’s day.

The tiny little hands
When hold mine,
All of my worries,
Just go fine.

His blabbering words,
To call me maa,
Brings down the heaven,
I dance with bliss.

When I see my kid,
I become one,
No matter age,
Still the little one.

His actions bring smile,
His smiles bring more,
The more is always less,
And it is never enough.

The kid is the inspiration,
Kid is the dream,
He keeps my hope going,
Like to the infinity.

Twinkles & Stars

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the eighth one.

IBMC #08: The Nursery Rhyme Challenge is a challenge where we are supposed to pick up a nursery rhyme, use and provide a new interpretation to it. (Check the link for more)


Here goes my prompt:

I have picked up the rhyme:

Twinkle twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

Below is the conversation between a mother and her little son using the same poem.

Twinkle twinkle, my dear star
How I wonder cute you are
I see my happiness in your smile
Rise and shine, high like sky

Twinkle twinkle, mommy star
How I wonder sweet you are
My  happiness is all in your smiles
With you along I can touch the sky

Feel free to take up the challenge if interested.