12 Ebooks and Reviews

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The Journey
It’s been 12 ebooks this far – both technical and non technical. They all have been FREE downloads and have received a lot of comments/feedback through mails, chats, blog etc.

I started my writing journey by being a very hilariously awkward writer, which was an outcome of my research frustration with the online series called today calls tomorrow. Back then, I just wanted to write and write, for fun, where I was least bothered about writing style or presentation. Today, the first work definitely has this expression of: “Oh, I was such a bad writer”.

It did not take much time to realize the beauty that writing had and gave. With time came the improvements and eleven other works. Technical book ‘Design of a Programmer’ has 750+ downloads this far and has been increasing every .day. The reach of the book has been happiness (This is official count from only one site which I have access to).

All these works by far have provided a serious booster to work on something big which I started during NaNoWriMo 2016, the full fledged novel “i 4 you”. Through this post I want to make this request.

The Request
If you have read any of my works, kindly leave a review. It could be a review or a review + comment on either goodreads(preferably) or on smashwords. This will help me in approaching a good publisher for the novel – “i 4 you” and it has truly been taking a lot of my edit timings/efforts this far.

Your time spent in the giving a review will definitely help me in a lot of ways and sure is a motivation and support for up coming things. [Specially for the work ‘i 4 you’]. So why this sincere request.  

Here are the links to my profile pages:


– Goodreads Author Profile Link


– Smashwords Author Profile Link

All the ebooks can be free downloaded from Smashwords. My heartfelt thanks for the support and love this far.