A to Z 2019 – Theme Reveal


April brings happiness for various reasons. Though my schedule is keeping me away from blogging for a while now, I don’t want to miss the A to Z challenge, for whatever it takes to be a survivor.

This will be my third year of A to Z Challenge.
In 2016, I had picked an Idiom for an alphabet and then an eight line poem for it. In 2017,  I had selected the theme Emotions and Expressions for life, where everyday there was a thought and an eight line poem.


Clearly, an eight line poem has got into my A to Z. This year I will be picking words and phrases from different foreign languages and give an interpretation to it with an eight line poem. 

Are you doing the challenge as well? I would certainly like to read and follow-up!
Well, I am excited!



A to Z 2018 – Theme Reveal

It’s April 01 already, here in India and my first post is going to be on Theme Reveal for A to Z challenge. Last year I had picked an Idiom for an alphabet and then a 8 line poem for it.


This year, the theme I have selected is A to Z : Emotions and Expressions for life. There will be a thought and a 8 line poem written everyday on the selected emotion/feeling.


The Theme poem:

There is no order,
As we think.
There is no path,
As we see.
There is no definition,
As we expect.
But there is randomness,
A to Z.