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i 4 you” is my NaNoWriMo novel that I am writing this month. There are still 8 days left and I have around 5K odd words to complete. It’s been a enjoyable journey so far. I know editing a 50k words novel is going to take a lot of time and I plan to release it as a free download like I have done for my other ebooks. However, I can always share the bits and pieces of it to keep the excitement on. Here I share the Preface of it.


With every sunrise the sky winks to the earth and passes a complimenting ‘Hello’.  The radiance lightens the point in time for green, brown, blue and colorless. With this milieu, we human beings are put into an acting profession. A possibility to earn the daily bread being the foremost objective, the time continuum also stages the drama adding variety of sentiments to the living. Sometimes these stories set out so much involvement that they carry a message for the era. It is a crucial necessity to pen them down to leave behind a larger impact to the social order.

“i 4 you” is a piece of writing which tells a story of lost one sided love. Oh wait, that is not it! It is about how two loving souls got tied for eternal togetherness. It is a story of how success of one’s love ruined for another. Oh wait, that is not only it! It is about how sacrifice of one was happiness to many. Okay. That is not the take away. There is more. The characters in this story excel in acting. They are supposed to pass on the message loud and clear. I am hoping that they are going to be successful in that.

Life and love gift us with the color wrapped complications. Our life story is knit with so many jargon’s that only a twist at regular intervals can sort out those intricate interwoven complicates. “i 4 you” is one such life and love story. It’s the end which makes sense. It’s the end, which opens the possibilities. Otherwise, it is just a convoluted social romantic drama.

The 4 here is a symbol for many 4’s like care, miss, hate, like, love, lust etc. On top of the pyramid is the lust. Lust takes the strapping position than love.  That is what every chapter in this book speaks about. The many 4’s.  Those 4’s that impact the life.  The words might seem effortless at certain places but so is not the story.

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