In the Name of Virus

The quill and ink,
The inland letters,
The cd and cassettes,
Rest in peace.

In the name of virus,
Challenges, debates,
Games and names,
Old logic, new fabrications.

The humanity and patience,
The sense and actions,
The real roads,
Rest in peace.

Writing this poem dedicating to WorldPoetryDay and new Virus  in town.
Of course also to the ones who are using the platform to spread hate and rumors too.


The Way I See It!

Indian Bloggers

From this May I have started guest blogging on Racing Against Time, blog run by Jyotirmoy Sarkar. Thank you so much Jyotirmoy for this opportunity. This is fun.  The plan is to do two poems per month.

The first one was posted on May 14 titled: The Way I See It.

I am also sharing the poem here:

They said,
It is a chaos.
Crowded confusion,
Mixed variation,
Hurdles for solution,
Struggling resolutions.
But I see a,
Celebration of mess.

They said,
It is a struggle.
Smiles and cries,
Unsaid sacrifices,
Goals and more,
Never ending sea shore.
But I see a,
Celebration of Life.

He has an awesome blog out there. Do reach out!

Poem Shop

Indian Bloggers

Poems have the ability to speak the thoughts in more than one said way, touching various levels of depth. While the poet pens down with individual perspective, the reader has a freedom to give the concluding thoughts.

For me, poems are happiness. Collecting them together in the form of a book is happiness. This book, Poem Shop is the fourth one in series of the poems I have pen down. The first one was ‘P for Poetry’ which gave me the ‘go good’ feeling. Second one ‘Poetic Desk’ gave me the ability to see and pen down poems with depth. Then came ‘100 Haiku’ where I enjoyed writing haiku and the stories they tell in three lines.

I put together my next 25 collection here as Poem Shop. Like others, its a FREE download!

Poem Shop - LR

Can be downloaded here: POEM SHOP

Don’t Write Poetry.

Indian Bloggers

I read this amazingly beautiful poem by Charles Bukowski titled ‘But don’t write poetry‘ shared on Asha’s Blog. Thank you Asha for sharing the poem and I could not stop my self penning this down as an inspiration from the poem.


Emotions might get unreal,
Mind could fly to a world of illusion,
Beliefs might fling,
Life might seem amusingly beautiful,
When words might find solitude,
Lines might jazz,
Sadness might mourn,
Expressions might bleed,
Darkness might disappear,

One might see the fictional steps,
To the fairy land of dreams.
Don’t write poetry!


Poetic Desk - LR

Words combine together,
They clutter and gather,
They add the tune,
They add the melody.

Thoughts take words,
Words go phrases,
Phrases extend lines,
Poems thus shine.

Poems from imaginations,
Poems from reality,
Poems from fiction,
Poems from fantasy!

Through the messy desk,
Comes the clean gist,
They add the feel of good,
The deserving must and should.

You can get the collection and more here: Poetic Desk

2 Minute Poem

This Poem is written for Indispire, Edition number 81indispire

The task is to “write a 2 minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem, a simple, sweet, nicely rhyming poem, playing with words, not hard but easy, funny and cool, a relief to your mind, not to grind, but to find, a solace and some peace”

There is no menu,
And also the venue.
Theme, there is no one,
Just somehow get it done.

It’s instant,
Yet different.
Keep some rhyme,
And pass the time.

Not every day is Sunday,
Oye and Aye!
Can you pass the salt?
Okay, halt!

Heads up!
Time up!
Sorry #Peace.


Written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Recycle


Task: Poem for the word recycle. The poem below en-lights on how one should keep recycling the song of life.

The poem can be read from any circle, still makes sense. Life is a basically a cycle. Our experience makes us recycle our thoughts and gives an opportunity to make our life song musical and fine tune the lyrics at every phase. Life is a recycle of one’s experience.


 You can read the poems written by others here by clicking on the blue fellow:

The Childhood Transporter

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.


The multi-colored peppermints,

Where are they gone without a hint?

The smell of mud at rainy day,

What a pleasure, must i say!

Soothing favorite Airtel ringtone,

Always ringing on my phone!

Alas, there i see my childhood,

Bringing alive thoughts for food.