Night Owl


Its April of 2020 and Day 14 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem. 


Metaphor:  Night Owl

Owl is a nocturnal bird that stays awake at night. Night Owl is a metaphor used to epitomize a person who tends to stay up until late at night or even until early hours of the morning. The reason could also be because of delayed sleep phase syndrome. The phrase was used by Shakespeare in one of his poems in 1500 and probably is the earliest usage documented with respect to writing.

Most of Generation-Z are Night Owls. So has become the habit in modern culture. Especially with employers having night shift and cities that never sleep, Night Owl is a common metaphor now.

Every evening you stand,
To take back my nights,
But you don’t know,
I have fallen in love,
With the moon,
Everything else absent.
Thank you, I am ever a,
Gratified night owl.

When the world sleeps, when the hassles rest, that’s when a man at times finds peace. And then, he falls in love with the moon.

Owl, Who?

Indian Bloggers


An owl disguised as a crow,
Barged in at day light,
Soliciting superfluous questions,
Crafting pointless propositions!

It wanted to seize a trade,
Forgetting dark was its arena.
It wanted to rule the light,
As a self declared king!

Where poise flew excess,
Uneven mind lost its conviction,
Even its fart smelled perfume,
Loyalty had left the room.

Fellow owls had a meeting that night,
No one could track its fate.
For it was not seen by any,
That day was end of its many!

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