ichi-go ichi-e

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Its April of 2017 and Day 09 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: ichi-go ichi-e

Meaning: This comes from Japan. One time, one meeting – Once chance in lifetime. An encounter that only happens once in a lifetime, reminding to treasure every moment, for it will never recur

Dance for the beats of time,
Love for the care and shine,
Keep the protocols just fine.
Happiness lies in a dime,
Worry less for what is crime,
We all will have a bed time,
Raise glass with red wine,
Life, ichi-go ichi-e.

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.

The Little One

As I cried, you all smiled,
Bundles of unlimited joy!
I see people roaring around,
‘There comes our little boy’!

The world around me is new,
I am a little scared!
I guess it’s not a major concern,
‘As I know, I will be cared’!

Mom looks at me and dad,
With pleasure of pain and calm!
Dad looks at me and mom,
‘I just feel so warm’!

All I do is smile and cry,
It’s my pretty game!
I am the little one and,
‘Now I need a name’!

This poem is dedicated to the little one who became part of our family on 11 Sept., 2015.

A Moment in Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)


It’s not exactly the last picture i captured, but its the one with awesome story behind. It was in Goa, India, ten friends on a three day trip. We reached the fort early morning on day two, sat on the walls and kept looking at the beach.

What’s the story? – There was no story. There was just silence! Well, that was a definition of priceless!