We Learn

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We learn to live in the mess.
Sometimes it’s the room which is messed up and sometimes it’s the head.

We learn to live through uncertainties.
Be it a festival or a normal day, we learn that uncertainties are non detachable packages and have to be carried on.

We learn to live decisions.
A minor or a major, they come with cause and effects and we learn to live the priorities.

We learn to live the time.
Between all those little come and goes, those little moments teach us how to live and thrive.

We learn to live with hate.
Smarty pants or a shit head, love or hate, they teach us to move ahead.

We learn to live with another.
Friend or a foe, they bring people together.

We learn to live with Ignorance.
When stupidity reaches its peak, ignorance is bliss and we learn to live with it, with profundity.

We learn to live with broken heart.
It was meant to be broken and we learn that it is easier to live that way. Broken creates gap and creates space for more.

We learn to live with dreams.
They are going to flourish one day and open up more to follow.

We learn to live with Arguments.
They brings the good ones near.

We learn.
To Live.

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