The Little One

As I cried, you all smiled,
Bundles of unlimited joy!
I see people roaring around,
‘There comes our little boy’!

The world around me is new,
I am a little scared!
I guess it’s not a major concern,
‘As I know, I will be cared’!

Mom looks at me and dad,
With pleasure of pain and calm!
Dad looks at me and mom,
‘I just feel so warm’!

All I do is smile and cry,
It’s my pretty game!
I am the little one and,
‘Now I need a name’!

This poem is dedicated to the little one who became part of our family on 11 Sept., 2015.

The Little Hurts

Little deeds of passion,

Set the expectations high!

Little does the heart know,

A little remark will hurt high!

Little deeds of passion,

Bring the smiles live!

Be the one to support,

For another to grow high!

Little hearts bear little hurts,

Making the hearts strong!

For every little takes high,

Let the little heart know!