100 Haiku – Ebook

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Though there are several forms of poetry, Haiku is one form which I like the most. It is for a reason that very easily the efforts put in to write a haiku might go plain and senseless. Like, they might just become a set of words which do not speak out the message which they were intended to. Though they are in the structure of three lines, they can speak a book of stories. It takes time to pen down a haiku and it’s that effort that gives the pleasure.

This ebook has the first hundred Haiku that I have pen down. I hope you will read and enjoy them. I would be much happier if it inspires to write one!


Its a FREE DOWNLOAD and can be downloaded here: 100 Haiku

steps, one at a time,
enjoying distracted paths,
delightful hundred.

Note: I had 70 of them written over time. Then, I did pen down 30 more to make them 100 since last week.

Nectar to Honey

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This post is written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Number 120. The challenge is to write a haiku on the words Heart and Petals. Also for the daily post prompt: Transformation. With that, the task is to have a haiku talking about heart, petals and transformation.


bees play with petals,
transform nectar to honey,
such a kind sweet heart.

The Hits

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Very soon my blog will update the counter to 50,000 hits. I dedicate this Haiku for the purpose.  The haiku is written in such a way that if you combine the starting letter of each word, it forms fifty thousand. And the Haiku thanks you all for making this happen. It’s a heartfelt joy and thank you to each and every one.

for i feel, thank you,
the help of uplift, support,
a noteworthy day.

Syllable count per line: 5 7 5