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Lush? Where’s that?
Asked the muddy clog.
Lush? When’s that?
Asked the murky land.

Lush? What’s that?
Asked the opaque lines.
Lush? Who’s that?
Asked the ignorant dark.

Underneath that lush,
Was muddy and murky.
Beyond that lush,
Was ignorant and opaque.

From underneath to beyond,
Within and amidst,
Flashes and sparkles,
The lush, the real lush!

For the Daily Post Prompt: Lush

Together Two


This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 14 February 2016. The task is to write a short story of 200 words or less for the supplied photograph.


Life comes in many colors, forms, size, length, breadth and many other etc things. Just because they are rhinoceros, does not mean they don’t get to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it? Everyone can wish their loved ones in their own special way.

The clouds wished the sky. The trees wished the earth. The mountains wished the trees. The grass wished the insects. They all have one or the other form of said or unsaid love. But a day to express is so much necessary. It builds up special bonding when you see your loved ones expressing and making the day beautiful.

The Rino rhinoceros had expressed its love by staying together the whole day with his love Renu and giving gentle pushes with its face every now and then. But he did not know when the Valentine’s Day was celebrated. So he had decided to do it every day!

Well, the story is “Love every day and Love more on the dedicated special days”.

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