The Line of Words

This story is written for 3 Lines Tales Week 135 hosted by Sonya. The challenge is to write a 3 line tale for the supplied image.


photo by Davide Cantelli via Unsplash

Lights played the hide and seek. Chairs played the vacant and occupied. On the shelf or off the shelf, for eternity, rested the limitless glory.

From the Books of a Bibliophile

It starts with a line, line by line, putting pages together and book gets marked as ‘read’. At the other side along the read, the ‘To-Be-Read’ list keeps growing. Books get piled up.


All this happens amidst life chronicles where:

  • reading is a leisure activity or
  • that thing which keeps life sane or
  • it is habitual routine or
  • something else like that.

We might not know how reading became a habit. It could be a family thing. It could be friend passed thing. It could just be a thing, whatever, with no association tags. There is this important thing – reading.

One fine day, at some part of some book, there comes an enlightening moment. It comes for no reason and it comes out of no expectation.

You stop reading!
Not because it got mind-numbing or tiresome but because the book just got close to heart. It’s not just the book anymore but it also brings something together. That something, which is very close and dearer to heart. It’s not just the lines that are being read but a gather of emotions and events. It’s not just the pages that are turning but it’s the flashes of memories and associations. You stop and go lost in the universe created by the book.  While also you cry, not knowing the reason why. It’s just a good feeling that way.

That is when a ‘Favorite Book’ is found. It occupies a best place on the book shelf. The hunt now begins for another such book. Most next reads turn out to be a disappointment or may be even lead to a readers block.  The reading goes on. One will never know when such moment would occur again.

I have got four such books so far. How many do you have?

Note: This is a scheduled post. More Here.

2017 – Mid Year Resolutions Review

I had started this year with a set of resolutions (for the first time, else never believed in them!) with some targets per month as stated in the Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017.  Its been six months and here is how things stand/sleep!

1. Read atleast 10 research papers per month
Yes. I have 60 papers read so far and the summary of each neatly stacked up in the form of a presentation. Things are pretty systematically organized into categories and as well the print versions filed (Was way too geeky).

2. Complete reading atleast one novel per month
Here goes the list. Jan and June was my favorite!
Jan: The Great Gatsby
Feb: The Martian
Mar: Before the Fall
Apr: When Breath Becomes Air
May: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel
June: The Forty Rules of Love

3. Write and publish one ebook per month (technical or non technical)
Here is the list of published ebooks:
Jan: 100 Haiku
Feb: See, Say, Market Recommendations
Mar: Poem Shop
Apr: A to Z – Poem for an Idiom
May: The Web Circular
June: The Void

4. Exactly 10 blog posts per month on my technical blog: PH Bytes
I have been loving this Archive. It’s been ten per month. Exactly. This far.


5. Finish 10 more courses on Coursera
Completed 3 so far. 7 more to go. One was 3 months long and ate a lot of my stamina!

6. Make a significant progress in research
Had three releases of the work this year already.  Progress has been much better. It’s atleast 50% complete.
Ver. 0.3
Ver. 0.2
Ver. 0.1

7.  Try to work on technology to bring the actual social life in society order
My whole of research work is on that. Working towards it. Maybe.

8. Be open to do something new and interesting
I am not sure how many would qualify but there were many new things and first times that happened: Entering competitions, Camp NaNoWriMo April, A to Z Challenge, Submitted first novel draft to publisher which is still under review, Anthology publications, Reading challenges, Cooking inventions etc.

9. Complete the text book being written on “Data Structures” 
Progress is good. Hope to complete by year end.

10. At least 10 blog posts per month on this blog
Yes. April had highest because of A to Z Challenge. This month, I finish my 10th post with this one!

There I go, with smiles!
We have completed six months of 2017. That went pretty quick.