Bona fide


Its April of 2019 and Day 02 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Foreign word/phrase a day and 8 line poem for it.

Word/Phrase: bona fide
Language: Latin
Meaning: real, with good faith

the gods are listening,
the ashes desire peace,
the stones need sculptures,
the mud, a shape,
the hunger, a direction,
the silence needs a voice.

the basket is open,
bona fide soul or bona fide stupidity.

The world is a welcoming open basket. The sacrifices need a worth and everything needs a shape. Every silence needs a voice. What do we put in? goodness or stupidity?

Brave from A to Z


Its April of 2018 and Day 02 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing ‘Emotion’ a day picked from the bag of life, with an 8 line poem and a thought.

B is Brave.

To see the magic,
Run beyond logic,
To make a way,
Call it your name,
To taste the brilliance,
Color it with blue,
Go friends,
With bravery.


Break a Leg

Indian Bloggers


Its April of 2017 and Day 02 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: Break a Leg

Meaning: used to wish good luck, theatrical slang for ‘good luck’

Prejudiced agenda,
Humiliating roar,
Sarcastic grins,
Taunting deeds.
My dear,
For what waits ahead,
Break a leg!

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.