Hello! This is  Prakash B. Hegade. I used to work as an Assistant Professor at B. V. B. College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, India-31.  Currently Pursuing my PhD. at IIIT-Hyderabad. My research work has not only motivated me to do technical stuff but also all other reads and writes. Blogging has opened a new life to me!

I mostly like to pen down poems. They can carry deep thoughts in few sentences and phrases. They are quick and also fun to read. The first post I did on this blog is “Is this life all about –  A new old”.  The first’s are kind of all time favorites.

I have a love story completed called “Today Calls Tomorrow.” Its a mini novel with 50 episodes and all available online. There is a free ebook version also available Here

You can check out all my other free EBOOKS too!

You can also check the IBMCif writing challenges excite you. Its a ten task blogger challenge open throughout. 

And you are welcome to browse around the blog. For sure there is more! 

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  1. Review of 2015 on my blog shows you among the top commentators on my blog. It’s not a rule and yet I feel myself oblige to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your presence on my blog.
    I wish you a very a happy and prosperous 2016 (:

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  2. Hi, first of all let me congratulate you for the owesome works you’ve posted on your blog !! Truly enjoyed !!
    I administer the blog – https://myrainbowhuedworld.wordpress.com/
    For my masters thesis, which I’m doing on blogging, as to why people blog; their motivations for blogging, I need bloggers to attend a survey. That’s how I came across your blog.

    It would be of great help for my research work, If you could submit your responses for the following questionnaire. Please click on the link below. You might be asked to sign in to your gmail account. Do participate in the survey. Also please forward it to bloggers you know.


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  3. Hi.

    Just read your book ” Today calls tomorrow”
    To be frank am a wasted engineer, jobless and confused soul. Writing has always brought out the best in me!!
    So i have to say i could relate and connect to every part of your story.

    Days i spent chatting and making friends in orkut. Those silly crushes from engineering days which i could never muster courage to confess or profess 😀

    All memories just danced around while i pictured the whole story. Especially sumit and poorna’s love story.

    You have a great potential as a writer so All the very best for your future.

    And yes, those lines of poetry in between chapters was beautiful and elegant. Am sorry am at loss of words 😀

    Anyway to summarize i would love to read more of your works!

    Keep writing.

    Nams! 🙂

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    • You made my day. I was so happy to read this! 🙂 yayy! Thank you so much. It all means a lot to me.

      You have the talent to write. Not many have it. So don’t use the word wasted. I am hopeful that the best in you will make the best to you! Soon!

      I am happy that you could relate to the story. I had scribbled it during my research work days to release out the stress. That’s how the writing started.

      Thank yo so much again. 🙂 smiles. 😀

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  4. Heyy,
    Your Blog seems really beautiful. I have gone through some of the articles. I found them really attractive, please check my blog and follow if you like it. https://adarshbadrisite.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/why-india-and-pakistan-hate-each-other/

    I write articles related to Indian lifestyle, society, fashion-trend, youth (lol! relationships too), politics and everything concerning India. Please read them and leave your comments.

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