Code Complete – Feb Closure

My goal of Feb 2023 was to be ‘Poco Loco’ and look at me coming back at March end to justify it! isn’t that crazy enough? Everyday feels like a month and I am absolutely loving it. Today is the first, after a very long time, gave a break to my routine. Of course I took trips but I don’t categorize them as breaks. They have become part of living now.

Here is what February did to me:

The Crazy Fun Basket

1. Travel lots – long and shorts (more than 1000 kms) – Complete

2. Read two novels – None

3. Host one workshop on literature related – Complete

4. Express out more than usual – be fearless – Was. Will be.

5. Exercise and stay fit – Did

The Research Basket

1. Write 50,000 words – I guess I did

2. Write 4 reports – Complete

3. Take 1 course for research – Complete

4. Prepare for comprehensive viva – In-Progress

5. Deliver one guest talk – Complete

More than anything, everyday felt like a charm. Everyday had its color. Everyday was a bliss!


16 thoughts on “Code Complete – Feb Closure

  1. WOW!!! You DID accomplish alot! And once again inspire me……
    Sadly my physical health limits me deeply but I use what energy I have to be here on WordPress & Twitch & FB & visit everyone. And of course, help BellaDharma with her “poe-etry” writing too!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum & ****purrss**** BellaDharma

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