January 2023 – Closure

Here was my insane list for January and I am definitely proud of what I did and what I was!

1. Do at least two travels – One long and one short (DONE)

2. Read four novels (NONE)

3. Write ten general blog posts (Did FOUR)

4. Start a new blog on Engineering education and write four posts of 500 words each (Could write only ONE post)

5. Read twenty research papers (Read TEN)

6. Seven paper presentations (DONE)

7. Make a pitch presentation (PENDING)

8. Host two workshops (DONE)

9. Take three courses from Aalborg University and advance the PBL course (DONE)

10. Submit two papers for MIT-TEE (Did ONE)

11. Ten short poems for Instagram (Did THREE)

12. Research colloquium and prepare for the comprehensive viva (DONE)

13. Streets – report (DONE)

14. Four weekly report submissions (NONE)

15. Closure for the three REU’s (DONE)

16. Fitness – exercise at least 23 days, eat well, complete the marathon, athletics with satisfaction (DONE)

17. Be fearless – live it to the fullest (MUCH DONE)

Sending Cheers and satisfaction!


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