December – Year End Goals

What an year!! ❀ Definitely one of my best. I guess this year has helped me grow as a person, as a new personality and see world with a new perspective. The monthly resolution has a major role and contribution in it. I skipped November and had no goals. But the month in itself had too many works to do and take over. I will be wrapping up my year in a post soon near to December end. But before we get there, here is what my plan is for rest of the month (15 more days to be specific, rest are free days and I have earned them):

  • Complete 4 course work of PhD and pass the exams
  • Read one more novel to complete the Goodreads challenge of 25 books
  • Take 2 trips (one long and one short)
  • Write and submit 9 papers
  • Write a proposal and work ahead for company
  • Live life the most meaningful way

Of course, all of this with a hectic class schedule of engaging 2 divisions of DSA and the regular life routines.


11 thoughts on “December – Year End Goals

  1. Youre putting me to shame with all those goals. But you’ve inspired me too.

    How are your studies coming along? On the countdown to the end? We’ll soon have to call you Doctor πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. WOW!!! That is quite a list of “Things To Do” Prakash!!
    You are so amazing…I am so happy you are furthering your studies & setting a fine example for your children.
    All the BEST on your Exams.
    And I hope you & your family have a wonderful December…..the trips sound pretty interesting!
    With fond regards, Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum
    & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  3. Happy December!, PH.
    Your list is amazing and I wish you all the best in accomplishing them!. Enjoy your last novel as well as your long & short break.
    Take care.

    Thulasi Murugiah.

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