And A Wish

Most of us and our days are determined by tiny wishes. Okay, let me re-phrase it and say most my wishes are simple and small ones like: hoping to meet a person, making time to read a book, a conversation, an intriguing discussion, a phone call, a delicious lunch, a warm tea, making time for exercise, watching my favorite series, and the list goes on. I am usually not a person who prefers to sit at one place for long if it is a confined space. I prefer outdoors. I prefer places that do not need a light at day time. I can sit hours and hours at the place if and preferably connected to the nature, also doing nothing. I usually check mark everything that I plan for the day – usually and mostly.

Kavadikeri Temple, Yellapur

And I called my friend to wish him for his birthday yesterday which went on for more than 70 minutes and as he expressed, he wished and expected for my call. Last year I had closed with a text message and of course I never missed a year wishing, call or text, and not needing any social media reminder (he is not on any). And yes, everything else, between me and him.

Life is simple, when wishes are simple. It is beautiful when they are accomplished.


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