Everyday Matters

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai has a long and continued history.

It’s okay, if you feel lost!

Well, now who would agree that the above wonder is the entry to a railway station? It’s altogether a different beauty with lights at night. For me, it’s one of the places that I stand for seconds (many) whenever I visit and feel the charm it carries.

I wonder the effort it took to make it look like that. I wonder what was in the designers mind to weave those intricate complicated designs. I wonder if each part in it has a story that we don’t have ears for. I wonder how satisfying it would have been on the day-end when it stood completed.  I wonder for all the things that I don’t know and would never know the history behind. I wonder who will tell the lost glory!

I have spent a lot of time where I zoom the image and watch carefully each of its parts. I have many such in my collection and it’s this that inspire me to work hard and deliver better every single day.


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