Owning the Day

When I started my teaching journey, in around a year, and since then, every single day has been me going back home with utmost satisfaction. There are days of distress and for me, they are part of satisfaction too. Over the years the process made me learn what to take in to make myself better. Between all this chaos’s, there are days where I feel proud of those 24 hours.

Starting the day with lot of interactions, to completing every commitment at personal ends, to professional work-lets, I love how some of my days pass by. My yesterday, I smile while I type this, was iteratively perfect. From being at work and managing the mongoose to running back home to finish my one hour exercise and bath and then coming back to the work to complete review works was an adventure at unlike level.  Why all this? Because we had an evening movie to watch and all movie halls had 75/- ticket. I have liked quite a many movies directed by R. Balki and “Chup: Revenge of the Artist” was released with an amazing star cast. The movie is a creative mess and I loved it. There are tiny woven threads in the movie that go beyond the heart connection. The song lyrics are to the context and deep. I had a perfect company and ended the day with a peaceful dinner.

Every walk has its beauty!

I love my days for all the smiles and hand waves that happen throughout the day. I love the days when everything is planned so as to welcome many and any unplanned in the day slot. I love it when day inevitabilities flow by and take you with the whole kit and caboodle that feel like this was a perfect plan for the day. I love how uncertainty makes the day reminiscent.  

From not knowing how to start, to crafting this piece, while listening to my favorite songs and having a critical research presentation in next 30 minutes is perhaps what I mean by owning the day. When you pour in your satisfaction into the works, you will start seeing everything in different hues. The end results does not matter and what matters is what you fashioned through it. And that landscape is what I mean when I say – Own the day.


9 thoughts on “Owning the Day

  1. Own the day…now that’s something to reflect on and try out especially with a hectic schedule.🙂
    I enjoyed reading this piece which flowed well from your busy day to a relaxing evening to cap off.

    P/s: I don’t know how it happened but I commented on your last 2 posts & only after it appeared as anonymous!. 🤣
    I shall go to the said posts again.

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