A Mentor, A Friend

Everybody needs a mentor. With reverse learning and the current affairs, one, it’s hard to find a good one because every individual has specific needs and two, mentor is also a friend or eventually becomes one. We all learn from each other and that is the beauty of current generation. I don’t know where to draw the line as it all seems blurry. So, I believe, it is better not to draw the line and be accepting to the acts that play around. Be it professional work or the hobby endeavors I must say I have been lucky in several aspects. My count of good mentors and friends is a lot more than the otherwise. Eventually being friends within the spaces we create, I have been guided and put through proper direction to move ahead.

I have been part of NaNoWriMo community since six years now and it has helped me ace my writing undertakings, methodically with an amazing support from my team. As it’s a virtual event and we are spread across different parts of India, our interactions are usually online. The three of us who have been managing event every November in India from last 3 years are in different states, hundreds of miles apart. Please check out the community if you are into writing and need a company.


I recently got an opportunity to meet one of my co-ml (municipal liaison) who resides in Mumbai. Sonia Rao has been handling this event more than a decade now. Over time I have had a lot of learning’s from her. I was lucky enough to be invited for lunch and it felt like a meet of two friends who knew each other from decades. There was delicious food and as much more delicious conversations (my taste buds even today converse about the Thai curry, as much my mind reminds me of our conversations). Well, apart from writing, we talked about everything that has to do with writing. I am already in love with Mumbai and this only increased it, more and more-er. I also returned with lot of goodies and chocolates.  I know there is a lot more of us in the bundles of the future.

I know, right!? I am blessed!  


15 thoughts on “A Mentor, A Friend

  1. Aah! This is so heart-warming to read, dear Prakash. Truly, it was a pleasure to meet you in person despite your hectic schedule. Amazing also that our eye-opening and mind-expanding conversations flowed seamlessly from online to the offline space. Thank you, Prakash. Keep on rockin’ and being your awesome self, always.

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