The Drive and Vibes

Imagine, you are in a bus with open top and yes, it’s double decker and the weather is perfect. Now, all of us have our own definition of a perfect weather and for me, its drizzling with breeze. And you are having a tour passing through your most loved place of the city. How dreamy can be that?

And not once, but twice. The bus takes to and fro via the same place and you get to stand, watch and feel it like there is nothing else that matters. This happened during South Mumbai tour and the bus passes through the entire Marine Drive lane twice.

It wasn’t afternoon and it wasn’t evening. It was raining and it wasn’t. There was sun and there wasn’t. There were people around and they weren’t. And with all of that, I had all the tiredness being swept away by the winds.

And that is exactly how you start falling in love with a place!

Where am I? don’t ask!

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