A Peaceful Compromise

Saw this girl, maybe in her early twenties, sleeping near to the toilets of the train. Beside her was her son, maybe four. The clothes might have been dirty, the stomachs might have been empty, but they were having the most peaceful sleep with no bed or bed sheets. I don’t know what got them there and where they were heading next, but I saw that they were looking for food. And food is all that mattered to them. Not for evening, not for tomorrow, but for right now – the lunch. There was nothing put forth as demand. Anything would do. How do I know? They looked for it after an hour-ish long sleep.

We were hungry too but I knew there was a difference. I could feel it. Our hunger was from the one of not having the breakfast and theirs might be from I don’t know when they had a last good meal. Or do they even know what a good meal is? Then there were these kids who put their hands forward with the eyes that shouted out hunger. I don’t know how the last box of bread filled the hunger of six kids and how much it did.

I told my friend (well, lets say that) I needed a pen and a paper. The hours of standing did not matter anymore. Or it would not further ahead. But then I said, when I go home, I will put myself here again and write. I don’t know what this will bring, but for me it is compromised peace.

Is life too simple when hunger is all that matters? Or is it too complicated? There is no one who evaluates you, who judges you, who defines you. It doesn’t matter what the world does and what the world thinks. All that matters is what do I get to eat? Will I get to eat? Will it fill my stomach? And that’s the quest for life. I will leave it here, being thankful to everything I have and striving hard to make the best of everything I have.

And we have many universal problems that cannot be solved, altogether.


9 thoughts on “A Peaceful Compromise

  1. Agriculture is the largest sector of Indian economy. Our farmers work hard, day and night.

    This woman and her child need to registered under PDS (Public Food Distribution system) to fulfill proper nutritional requirements.

    Adani has become the 3rd richest person in the world. And here an early married woman with her child struggling for food. What a shame!

    Social and economic inequality lies in Indian society.

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  2. Right now, one third of the world’s annual harvest is wasted due to negligence or greed. “Only” one quarter of its people are hungry. Even at present population levels we can feed everyone ~ we only need to learn to care about it. So, there’s still hope.

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